Home Remodeling Trends to Watch for in 2024

Home Remodeling Trends

Home Remodeling Trends to Watch for in 2024


As we enter the new year, pondering about the latest remodeling trends is something homeowners are considering. Whether it’s designing your home to be more aesthetically pleasing or investing in functionality, 2024 remodeling is all about adding value to your home. With that said, we scoured through different design magazines and trends to figure out what is up and coming when it comes to renovations and remodeling. In this write-up, we will discuss the top home remodeling trends (as estimated by experts) that we might see in 2024.

Mixed Materials

From various reviews and experts, we can determine that 2024 home renovations will feature the use of mixed materials that complement each other. The art of mixing materials such as wood, concrete, and wrought iron can complement each other in a way that adds character to a room. For instance, having open shelves made of wood and brackets made of wrought iron adds texture and personality to your space. When done well, mixed materials can add a beautiful touch of luxury.

Outfitting of Home Offices

As the work-from-home trend continues, 2024 remodeling is predicted to incorporate more work-from-home spaces to homes. This could include creating floor plans with designated home office spaces or incorporating home offices with a unique interior design. Homeowners may opt for an eclectic design, including a mix of minimalist and functional designs, while others may opt for a more relaxed design enriched with plants, art, and comfortable furniture.

Large Windows and Light-filled Spaces

In 2024, homeowners may focus on maximizing natural light in their homes by incorporating large windows, glass accent walls, sliding doors, and skylights in their remodeling designs. Large windows help to increase natural lighting, increase ventilation, and make your space appear larger. Open-concept designs with large expanses of glass will continue into 2024, making your home more fashionable and environmentally friendly.

Connecting Homes with Nature

More and more homeowners are using natural materials as part of their remodeling projects to bring the outdoors inward. Nature-inspired flooring, natural wood paneling on walls, and indoor gardens are simple ways to add life and natural warmth to your home. Connectivity to nature has many benefits, including better mental health, and creating homes with natural inspiration is essential in 2024. Additionally, having plants indoors can help improve air quality and make your home more inviting.

Smart Homes

As technology continues to advance, so does the incorporation of smart homes into our lives. In 2024, we are likely to see a rise in homeowners incorporating smart features into their remodeling projects. These could include voice-controlled lighting systems, remote-controlled blinds, and temperature-control systems. Smart homes not only add convenience but also increase the value of your home by making it more energy-efficient.

Segmented Spaces

Say goodbye to open concept floor plans –  in 2024, segmented spaces are predicted to be popular. With the rise of remote work, homeowners may prefer designated areas for different tasks such as a home office, exercise space, and entertainment area. These segmented spaces can also allow for more personalization and customization of each area based on individual needs and preferences.

Eco-Friendly Upgrades

Solar panels, smart home technology, and water filtration systems are among the top eco-friendly upgrades that homeowners will consider in their 2024 remodeling projects. As sustainability becomes a global focus, incorporating these upgrades not only adds value to your home but also helps reduce your carbon footprint. These upgrades can also lead to lower utility bills, making them cost-effective in the long run.

Focus on Functionality

Easy-to-clean surfaces, organized storage, and multifunctional furnishing are some of the design trends expected in 2024. Homeowners will continue to prioritize functionality and practicality when it comes to their remodeling projects. Features such as hidden storage solutions, foldable furniture, and versatile spaces will become increasingly popular as they offer both aesthetic appeal and convenience.

Going Bold with Color

Sunset hues, forest greens, and rich jewel tones are on trend for 2024. Adding bold colors to your home can bring personality and character to a room, instantly making it feel more vibrant and alive. Whether it’s through accent walls, furniture pieces, or décor elements, incorporating bold colors will be a popular trend in 2024 as homeowners look for ways to elevate their space.

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