About RJ Turner Remodeling

We proudly introduce ourselves as a family-owned and operated residential remodeling company, deeply rooted in the North Carolina Triad region. When you welcome us into your home, you become an integral part of the RJ Turner Remodeling family. In return, we commit to transforming your living space and tailoring it to your needs.

With a wealth of experience within the construction industry and fueled by a desire to streamline the home improvement process for homeowners, Richard Turner formed RJ Turner Remodeling. He sought to eliminate the complexities of the residential remodeling process for the homeowner. His vision aimed at providing prompt and efficient home remodeling services to the communities of Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, and their surrounding areas.

From kitchen and bathroom renovations to master suite and sunroom additions, RJ Turner Remodeling offers top-tier services that will renew your satisfaction with your cherished home.

Our Mission and Guiding Principles

RJ Turner Remodeling exists to provide residential remodeling solutions of unparalleled excellence. We aspire not only for our clients to appreciate their homes but to profoundly LOVE them.  Our ultimate objective revolves around surpassing the expectations of every client we serve.

Residential Remodeling Excellence

We commit to constructing residential remodeling outcomes that stand as a testament to the highest quality.


We exert diligent efforts to stay on schedule, aiming to meet, or even surpass, project deadlines.

Cultivating Delightful Customer Journeys

We pledge to provide not just a service, but a remodeling journey marked by enjoyment and satisfaction.

Fostering Long-Lasting Connections

Long-lasting bonds with our customers, trade partners, and vendors underscore our commitment to mutual growth and success.

Cultivating a Nurturing Work Environment

We maintain a thriving work culture that nurtures personal and professional development, propelling our team forward.

Building Sustainable Prosperity

Our pursuit of profit is interwoven with a profound commitment to building resilient families and communities.

Our Process

1. Initial Phone Call

Our dedicated team member will initiate an in-depth discussion with you to grasp your project aspirations and financial framework.  The insights gleaned during this conversation will help both parties determine if we are a good fit for your project.  Upon successful completion of this process, you will be scheduled for an in-home consultation.  

2. In-Home Consultation

Your estimator will arrive on time and ready to delve into the intricacies of your house transformation.  Our team members will collaborate closely with you to envision the goal, record measurements, take photos, identify essential materials, and determine the scope of work for your ballpark estimate.   

3. Design

If your project requires design before we can estimate, we will connect you with one of our architects, designers, and/or engineers with whom we have years of shared success.  You will then embark on an exciting and collaborative journey with our designer and/or architect, who will help materialize their house renovation aspirations.

4. Ballpark Estimate

We refer to our long history of pricing data to formulate a preliminary cost estimate in a timely manner, culminating in the endorsement of a pre-construction agreement contract. The cost of a pre-construction agreement fee is approximately 1% of the overall estimated cost of the project. Don’t worry, 100% of this fee will be returned to you when you approve the final estimate and choose RJ Turner Remodeling for the construction phase.

5. Pre-Construction Phase

Once the pre-construction agreement is approved, we schedule all necessary trade partners to visit your home, meet you in person, and collectively review the scope of work and end goal of your project. During this phase, you will select specific fixtures and materials while we meticulously outline costs and estimate the time required to bring your envisioned project to fruition.

6. Final Proposal

At this juncture, you will review the final detailed proposal. With the budget firmly established, RJ Turner will meticulously draft a preliminary timeline, engaging in a thorough discussion of the proposed schedule. Our paramount goal is to orchestrate a timely completion of your project. Subsequently, a comprehensive final proposal will be presented. Upon approval, we begin the construction phase.

Construction Phase

Congratulations!  You are close to witnessing the transformation of your house right before your eyes!  With RJ Turner Remodeling as your chosen partner for the construction phase, a noteworthy feature comes to light: one hundred percent of the pre-construction agreement costs are seamlessly allocated towards the overall cost of construction expenses.  

At this point, we will schedule a time for the estimator to introduce you to your dedicated Project Manager and collectively go over the scope of work and timeline to further ensure cohesiveness.  The project manager will then secure permits, coordinate the arrival of all building materials and coordinate with each trade partner and vendor’s schedule to ensure the construction phase is completed with the least disruption as possible.  You will receive online access to your project where you have 24/7 access to communicate your needs to our team.  Rest assured; RJ Turner Remodeling stands ready to navigate these intricacies on your behalf throughout the entire home remodeling process.   

Reach out to RJ Turner today to embark on the journey of materializing the home remodel you’ve long envisioned! 

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