Seamless Financing Solutions

Seamless Financing Solutions with RJ Turner Remodeling and Acorn Finance 

Embarking on your dream home remodeling journey is now simpler than ever with our partnership with Acorn Finance. Whether it’s a sprawling kitchen renovation or a captivating addition, your vision is closer to realization than you think. RJ Turner Remodeling and Acorn Finance join forces to eliminate financial barriers, ensuring that you can embrace every facet of your home transformation with ease. 

Affording Your Dream Renovation

Our philosophy rests on the belief that intricate financial procedures and complex terminology shouldn't impede your adoration for your home. That's why our collaboration with Acorn Finance aims to streamline home improvement loans, making them more accessible and manageable for you.

Elevate Your Home, Simplify Your Financing

With Acorn Finance by your side, navigating financing options becomes an effortless endeavor that doesn’t impact your credit score. The process comprises four simple steps: 

Step 1: Pre-Qualify

Complete a user-friendly online form to explore pre-approved offers, all while safeguarding your credit score.

Step 2: Select Your Offer

Evaluate diverse terms and payment alternatives, empowering you to choose the offer that resonates with your needs.

Step 3: Application Completion

Finalize the application process on the website of your chosen lender, seamlessly progressing toward your desired financing.

Step 4: Funding Disbursement

Upon approval of your loan, anticipate the deposit of your funds within 1-2 business days.

RJ Turner Remodeling: Your Guiding Light

As you embark on this transformative journey, RJ Turner Remodeling and Acorn Finance offer a unified experience. Our commitment doesn’t end with the physical renovation – we’re here to guide you through the financial realm as well. By partnering with Acorn, we facilitate your pursuit of a home improvement loan, aiding you in selecting a financing plan that aligns with your budget and lifestyle.