Is it Better to Remodel or Buy a New Home?

is it better to remodel or buy a new home

Is it Better to Remodel or Buy a New Home?


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1583552279589{margin-bottom: -40px !important;}”]For most of us, homeownership is an exciting, but nerve wracking endeavor. There are so many things to take under consideration, and honestly, it can become overwhelming at times. At some point, many of us grow unhappy with the layout of our home, and have to decide whether or not we want to remodel our existing home, or buy a brand new home?

While sometimes it’s easier to buy a new home, if you have a rapidly growing family, it’s not necessarily the better choice.

The thing about buying a brand new home? It requires moving! Not to mention, buying a new house requires plenty of additional payments outside of the initial purchase: closing costs, property taxes, and home equity loans are a few things you have to consider. Plus, you’ll have to hire a real estate agent to sell your existing home…and just like that, the thought of selling your home becomes daunting.

So, the question remains: is it better to remodel or buy a new home? From a financial standpoint, and a creative standpoint, remodeling your home is definitely the more viable option for a number of reasons. Let’s take a closer look at why it’s better to remodel your home, for a long term investment.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”50px”][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner][vc_column_text]


Home Remodeling Contractors Can Give You Results

While we often have an exact vision for our home, it’s can be hard to find everything you’re looking for, even if you decide to buy a house. Even then, it might not have the exact floorplan or new features that you wanted, despite being brand new. Plus, the financial investment that comes with these hefty purchases can be highly ineffective, depending on what you’re looking for.

If you decide to remodel your current home, you can get all of your home improvement projects done in a realistic timeline, and still get everything you’ve been looking for. Within your existing square footage, remodelers can provide you with everything you need to create the home of your dreams.

Companies such as RJ Turner Remodeling are capable of remodeling a variety of projects around your home, and stick to a realistic timeline. The most important thing is giving you a floor plan, and home you love, without any of the hassles that come with moving.

We can start updating your kitchen, remodeling your bathroom, or updating your deck, giving you the freedom to dream about paint colors and new design ideas that completely change the look and feel of your home. It’s like moving into a new home without the hassle! To get inspired, take a look at our 10 Kitchen Features You’ll Want in Your Design.


Home Renovations are More Affordable, and Efficient

It’s no secret that home service projects come with a price tag. While budget is definitely something to consider, ultimately, remodeling is the more affordable option. If you decide to buy a brand new home, moving can take more time, than necessary, and come with considerably higher costs. That’s the thing about buying a home – it takes additional time to find the home you love, place an offer, wait for the bid to be accepted, and then move forward.

Outlining projects you want to be completed in your home, and finding reasonable prices and a timeline to work within, is within reach if you decide to remodel. You’ll never compromise on what you want out of your home, and you’ll never feel like you’re missing out! This is a big factor to consider when you’re thinking about the pros and cons of moving versus remodeling a home.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to your ideal budget, and whether or not you are emotionally attached to your home. Remodeling is the more affordable option, but you have to consider what features you value most within your home. You can get everything you’re looking for within a remodeled home – it just comes down to finding the right remodelers.


From Bathroom Remodeling to Shower Door Replacement, Renovations Cover Everything

Coming home to meet and greet your family at the end of every day is something worth treasuring – doing it in the perfect home only makes that experience more valuable.

If you love your home, but need it to fit your ever-changing needs, remodeling is the way to go. Renovations can encompass basically every service you can think of – remodeling your showers and bathroom, renovating your kitchen, opening up your floorplan, updating your deck – it’s all there! Or, if you need to update the exterior of your home, because of siding or structural damage, remodeling and renovations will solve those problems as well. For more key tips about home remodeling, take a look at How to Survive a Kitchen Remodel, What Home Improvements Add the Most Value to Your Home, and 5 Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom.

The overall price benefits of remodeling speak for themselves. You can update the entire downstairs to fit your family, and create memories that will last for a lifetime.


Final Thoughts

So, is it better to remodel or buy a new home? Ultimately it’s up to you, but there are few key takeaways that come with remodeling:

    • It’s highly affordable
    • It’s efficient and effective
    • It will still provide all the features you want
    • It won’t include additional costs

If you’re ready to create your perfect home, but don’t want to deal with the hassles of moving, it’s time to consider remodeling your home. At RJ Turner, we’d love to help you create the home of your dreams, one step at a time.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”50px”][vc_column_text]

Remodeling is a big decision! Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Take a moment to learn more about our Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, and Exterior Remodel services. Additionally, we offer Home Addition Renovation and Deck Remodels in Winston Salem, Greensboro, Highpoint, and other areas in the surrounding Piedmont Triad.

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