How to Hire the Right Remodeling Company

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How to Hire the Right Remodeling Company


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1620465563211{margin-bottom: -40px !important;}”]Over time, many homeowners realize their dream home isn’t always a dream come true. The neighborhood, school districts, and surrounding area might be perfect, but that outdated master bathroom or kitchen is less than ideal. In these instances, instead of selling your home, a remodeling company can turn your house into the perfect place for your family. However, finding the right remodeling company is easier said than done. How do you know if they have the proper credentials and licensing? Are they going to be responsive to your weekly emails or phone calls? 

Whether you’ve purchased a fixer-upper that’s ready for a makeover, or you’re finally ready to construct your dream kitchen, finding the right professionals for the job can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re discussing how to hire the right home remodeling company, so you and your family can feel confident throughout the remodeling process.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”50px”][evc_separator style=”solid” width=”100%” thickness=”2″][vc_empty_space height=”50px”][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner][vc_column_text]

Ask For Local Remodeling Company Recommendations

Consult Family and Friends

Recommendations are the most powerful tool in determining who to hire for your remodel. Word of mouth is the best indicator of quality when deliberating remodeling company options. Ask family and friends for a reliable, qualified professional who you can trustyou might be able to see this company’s work through the homes of your connections. 

If customers have been swindled or disappointed by their remodels, they’ll let you know. It’s best to receive recommendations from friends and family who have recently finished renovating.

Read Online Reviews

Online reviews are your best friend when selecting a remodeling company options. It’s best to check out reviews on multiple platforms like Google, Houzz, Guild Quality, and even Facebook. Try to be reasonable when considering bad reviews, and ask yourself if the company is at fault for the issue? Do the positive reviews outweigh the bad? 

Once you’ve read some reviews, research the company and contractor to gain as much information as possible, and take the time to explore their website. Take the time to post on social media to try and gain insight into your options. Try to gather at least 10-15 places to pursue as you continue the hiring process. 


View and Compare Different Remodeling Companies Work Portfolios

A reliable home remodeling company near you will have a project portfolio on their website that is up-to-date and professional. Be sure to ask yourself the following:

  • • Are there quality photographs? 
  • • Is their contact information straightforward and correct? 
  • • Do they have a polished website that displays several work examples? 

If you see poorly done portfolios with grainy pictures, missing information, or indecipherable images, they’re probably not very reliable. Most portfolios showcase the company’s best work, so the portfolio falls short, their work will most likely be insufficient. 

When you’re looking through a remodeling contractors portfolio, consider these additional questions:

  • • Does the remodeling company specialize in the type of renovation you have in mind (kitchen, bathroom, etc.)?
  • • Do they have pictures detailing each stage of a project (before, during, and after)?
  • • Can they share blueprints to help you understand how they conceptualize a project?

Evaluate and compare the companies on your recommendation list to find top choices that fit your needs.


Ask for References

If possible, request at least three references from the contractor and contact past clients to better understand the remodeling company. You can confirm whether or not they’ll meet your remodeling expectations.

To better understand the remodeling company’s craftsmanship, ask if you can tour the references’ remodeling site. To get a better idea of how the company operates, you might also ask to tour an area under construction.

Questions for References

  • • Was the contractor successful in the project’s completion? 
  • • Was the remodeling company able to deliver on time and adhere to the budget?
  • • Were they pleased with the final product?
  • • Did the company keep the construction site clean?
  • • Do they have any regrets or changes they wish they had made?
  • • Would they hire the company again?


Check the Remodeling Company’s Credentials


A remodeling company needs to hold the proper credentials before they start a job. You will want to make sure that your contractor has obtained all of the required state and local licenses. Some states don’t require licenses at all, so make sure to check with your local government. In some cases, a license means that the business pays its taxes and meets the insurance obligation – not quality work. 

Workplace Insurance

Appropriate insurance coverage is crucial for remodeling companies. Confirm that the company you hire takes safety procedures seriously and has policies in place for any incidents that may occur. You may want to research home insurance plans as well to protect yourself from liability. 


Usually, permits are required before you can break ground on any renovations that change the building’s footprint, plumbing, or electrical systems. Inquire about the contractor’s ability to manage permit acquisition. If your remodeling company doesn’t handle permits, you may have to apply for them yourself.


Interview Several Home Remodeling Companies

Once you’ve selected a few different companies, take the time to schedule a call or face-to-face meeting. See if they truly align with their services and values. You’ll be able to see whether or not they’re the real deal very quickly. Take the time to ask the following questions:

  • • Are they licensed in the area you wish to renovate?
  • • How many similar projects have they completed?
  • • What are their payment preferences/schedules?
  • • Will this project require permits?
  • • Do they work with local electricians and plumbers as a team?
  • • Do they have insurance? What kind of coverage do they have?
  • • When can they start, and how long will the project last?
  • • Can they give you a quote?

During the interviews, try to gauge the contractor’s personality and work ethic. Whoever you hire will be in your home consistently until your renovation is complete. If your personalities don’t meld from the start, the contractor is probably not the right choice. You may arrive intentionally early to the interview to see if they’re early, on time, or late. Interviews are a great time to assess the person’s professionalism and disposition.

HOA Compliance Assurance

If you have to answer to an HOA (Homeowners’ Association), you may have to follow specific stipulations. Ask remodeling companies if they have experience in accommodating HOA rules. You may first have to get remodeling approval from your HOA. Also, contractors may be held to restrictions such as using noisy equipment within a specific time frame each day or not making changes to certain aspects of the house’s exterior. 


Navigating Contracts

When you’ve finally chosen which remodeling company to hire, you’ll need to make your choice legally binding. 

Important contract details include:

  • • a payment schedule
  • • a start date
  • • a completion date
  • • materials needed
  • • lien releases
  • • a list of procedures for closing the project
  • • express limited warranty
  • • a dispute resolution clause
  • • a change-order clause
  • • a schedule for primary construction tasks
  • • proof of liability insurance and worker’s compensation payments 

You may want to make payments contingent upon quality, timely completion according to the terms of your contract. Some companies may request a down paymentresearch the laws in your state to determine how much money a contractor is legally allowed to solicit.

A remodeling company that creates a remodeling contract promptly, and can provide a reasonable start time, will likely meet your remodeling expectations.


Why Hire a Local Remodeling Company?

It’s vital to hire a home remodeling company that can fulfill your vision of “home,” but who knows that vision better than local remodelers? Hiring a local contractor means they’ve likely worked with friends and family members, creating their perfect image of home. A remodeling company near you won’t just have reviews and credentials – they’ll understand the importance of creating your dream home.

Plus, if you’re interested in putting your home on the market in a few years, they’ll be able to help you decide which remodeling projects increase overall resale value. Unlike big named remodeling companies, a local home remodeling contractor can provide the insight and personalization you need.

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As a local remodeling company, we’re here to make your remodeling dreams a reality – which means making innovative home improvements. Our free guide, Renovations That Return, can help you make the best decisions for your home and your wallet.

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