How Home Remodeling Companies Approach Projects

Home Remodeling Companies Planning a Renovation

How Home Remodeling Companies Approach Projects


If you’re beginning to look at house remodeling options, you’re probably wondering how home remodeling companies work and what to expect during the process.

Home remodeling companies understand home renovations are an investment. Their goal is to transform your house into the home of your dreams by using new materials, utilizing space more efficiently, or adding on where needed. All projects are customized so that they will work with you every step of the way. After all, it’s your vision that they’re trying to actualize!

At RJ Turner Remodeling, we understand the importance of homeowners knowing what to expect from us. Without further ado, here’s how home remodeling companies approach projects.

Selecting a Home Remodeling Company

After you choose to find the right home remodeling company, you’ll have to work out the contract details thoroughly.

The home remodeling contractors will be responsible for your home renovation project from start to finish. Homeowners and home remodelers must communicate openly and honestly with one another to ensure the project’s success.

This procedure helps reduce the likelihood of home renovation disasters and misunderstandings. Typically, a remodeling business will consult with the customer and collaborate to plan out the building’s final appearance, basic floor layouts, materials required, and size.

The renovation crew will take measurements and pictures next to start your house improvement design process. Clients at this stage receive a rough estimate and sign a pre-construction contract before work begins.

At RJ Turner Remodeling, homeowners are welcome to ask questions anytime throughout the home remodel, whether it’s about home improvements or home renovations. We go above and beyond to make sure our customers are satisfied with their results.

Meeting With an Architect

Clients will work with our designer and architect to imagine their house renovation once the contract has been signed. According to your preference, all of your supplies will be chosen based on appearance and cost.

After meeting with the architect, the Trade Partner will go to the site and acquire costs and a timetable for completing the work. A good home remodeling company will cut expenditures wherever feasible throughout this phase of the home renovation process and agree to continue with the budget once the client gives permission.

Home remodeling contractors will create a preliminary schedule and review the proposed timetable and budget. You will receive a final proposal, and once you’ve approved, the final contract is signed.

Starting the House Remodeling Process

Home remodeling companies realize that home renovations are an essential investment in time and money for their client’s quality of life; therefore, they provide clients personalized attention all along the process to ensure client satisfaction.

Home remodeling contractors handle all facets of a project, from designing and executing a project according to the client’s needs. They endeavor to purchase construction materials only when necessary (not stockpiling) and managing project costs upfront before any work begins—ensuring no surprises or cost overruns later.

To meet home remodeling companies’ high standards, contractors hire plumbers, carpenters, and home improvement specialists with the most up-to-date knowledge in home renovations.

In addition to meeting industry guidelines, home remodeling companies provide their employees with continuing education courses to keep their skills sharp.

During a home remodeling project, home remodeling companies require home renovation specialists to work in a timely and orderly fashion to minimize disruptions to home renovations.

Permits and Licenses

Home renovation projects require home remodeling companies to obtain the required permits. Some home additions, like basement home renovations or home additions, need a structural assessment before getting a permit. Home remodeling contractors most commonly look for the following permits:

  • Electrical permit
  • Plumbing permit
  • Mechanical permit
  • Building permit

Permits are requirements home remodeling companies must satisfy to avoid home renovation delays. Home additions take time, but they’re one of the home remodeling options homeowners look for in home renovations.

Purchasing Materials

It’s important for home remodeling companies to purchase only materials needed for a project – not stockpiling unwanted materials – to avoid home renovation delays. 

In order to avoid a home improvement nightmare, home remodeling contractors purchase construction materials as they go instead of buying everything before home renovation work begins.

Managing Costs

Home remodeling companies know home renovations can be expensive. At RJ Turner, we work with our clients to determine the best course of action based on the client’s goals and budget.

Home remodeling contractors understand home renovation costs can vary depending on the site-specific conditions; therefore, they create realistic material estimates after assessing the home during inspection visits.

Professionals can help homeowners keep home renovations within their budget. Home renovation costs can quickly get out of control, but home remodeling companies’ knowledge of the process can ensure no troubling surprises throughout the renovation process.

It’s usually recommended that 10-20% of your budget is set aside for unexpected costs that may arise.

Common Types of House Remodeling

Home Additions

Additions are one of the most common renovations. A home addition may be necessary if you’re looking to expand your home and create a little more room. Room additions can be small or large, but they’re usually considered more extensive home renovations. They require permits and licenses but can significantly impact the home’s value.

Home remodeling companies know that a home addition can be built in any way necessary to fit the home’s design while following local codes and ordinances. Home additions have many moving parts, so they need experienced home remodeling companies handling every aspect of the project.

Examples of home additions:

Any of these home additions can add value to your home and improve your quality of living. RJ Turner Remodeling knows how to build beautiful additions that will benefit you for years. If you’re looking for more ideas, check out our free resource for home addition ideas.

Room Repairs

Another home renovation is room repairs, including home remodeling companies repairing leaky faucets and cracked floors. If you’re living in a home that has been around for a long time or has been poorly taken care of, there’s probably at least one room that needs repair. 

Room repairs can be home improvement specialists’ way to rescue a home before selling it. Home renovation companies handle room repairs frequently. They know home renovations are a good investment for home buyers and home sellers alike.

Room repairs homeowners might consider: 

  • Spray-foam insulation
  • Plumbing repair
  • Roof replacement
  • Add a home office
  • Fix the home’s exterior siding

Room repairs are significant home renovations because they can make your home safer and more comfortable for you and your family.

Home Remodeling Projects From Beginning to End

Home remodeling contractors are home renovation experts. If you’re looking for renovations, home additions, home repairs, or home remodeling companies greensboro nc to care for your home renovations needs, reach out to RJ Turner Remodeling. We know the ins and outs of home renovation projects, so your home can truly reflect who you are.

RJ Turner remodeling strives to give clients the best service possible while offering friendly, experienced service you can trust. Contact us with any questions you have about our home remodeling approach!

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